Safety Tips for Exercising Outdoors this Summer from your Houston Pool Builder

It’s important to follow some safety tips to make sure your outdoor exercise doesn’t result in heat exhaustion or dehydration. Nothing would ruin your summer more than an extended trip to the hospital or a sunburn that could make Chuck Norris cry!

  • First and most obvious – stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Sports drinks before and after a workout can help you as well. If you’re a runner, carry a water bottle with you.
  • Before going outside, make sure you put on sunscreen. If you sweat excessively or are spending an extended period in the water, make sure to reapply every four hours.
  • Make sure your workout clothes are made of light fabrics that won’t retain any heat and will also release moisture, allowing air to flow. Wearing a hat will also help shield your face from the harmful sun.
  • When the heat index is on the rise try to exercise early in the morning or after the sun sets when the temperatures are cooler.
  • Take frequent breaks to allow your body rest and give you time to rehydrate.
  • Keep in mind even if you’re exercising in the water, like playing volleyball in the pool, you can still become dehydrated and overheated. The danger here is that you may not feel it as quickly as you would if you weren’t in the pool. Make sure you continue to take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water.

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