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Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority at The Pool Man. We are very appreciative when our customers tell us we exceeded their expectations. Please take a moment and watch these video testimonials from our amazing customers who allowed us to film in their backyard and detail their swimming pool building experience with The Pool Man.

Why the Webster’s Recommend The Pool Man

The Webster family tells us why they would recommend The Pool Man to others thinking of purchasing a pool.

Why the Light’s Recommend The Pool Man

The Light family tells us they recommend Houston area based builder, The Pool Man to other families looking to purchase a pool.

Written Customer Testimonials

"We just wanted to drop you a lot of appreciation for the high quality pool you constructed in our back yard. From working with Blake in the design process, connecting with rick in the construction process, scheduling and accounting with Wanda, to going through pool school with Matt we have been very pleased. There were bumps along the way, but everyone we dealt with responded with genuine concern and quality effort to address our concerns. We would attribute the bulk of the success of the overall project to a good plan laid out by an experienced team."

Larry And Beth G

I want to thank both of you for your efforts on our new pool!

Blake, Sally loves the new woks! We have had a number of very positive comments about your design. It fits exactly what we were looking for in terms of a more formal design. Thank you for your effort that made the pool special.

Wanda, you are a magician juggling the balls that you have to on our project and all the others. In spite to of all the other pools you had going, you made it seem as if ours was the only one. Your personal attention showed! It was a joy working with you.

Steve H

I am extremely happy and fully satisfied with the work that The Pool Man performed. It is obvious that you have high standards for everyone connected with the construction process. I also appreciate the continued follow-up that has been since the completion of the pool and spa. The fact that someone from your company still stops by from time to time to check up on my satisfaction is unbelievable in this day and age.”

Mark G

Our family could not be more pleased. It became apparent very quickly that your attention to detail, listening and professionalism were what made our choice of pool companies very easy. From the start, showing up on time, following through on promises, and orchestrating your team to perform flawlessly made the entire process fun and stress free.

Rob G. Wiggins

The Pool Man is absolutely the BEST pool service company in Houston. As a 20 year customer, I can personally say their knowledge and experience is unparalleled. Nothing is too big or too small. They are so awesome I’m sad we are moving and we can’t use them at our Lake Travis home.

We use one of the larger pool service companies in Austin & it’s a constant battle to keep my pool clean & running. Call The Pool Man and your Pool problems will disappear without paying a fortune.

Highly Recommended!

Michael Burke

Wow! What a great experience with The Pool Man. Following an initial meeting to exchange ideas and options, Wes presented us with a fabulous custom design that made full use of our available space while providing just the right balance of features and aesthetics. Bryan, our superintendent, took over from there and truly did an outstanding job in taking our pool from design to completion. Bryan maintained excellent communications with us throughout the project and was always available to answer questions.

While being both friendly and very knowledgeable, Bryan ensured all aspects of the job were well coordinated and executed, which allowed our pool to be completed and fully operational in about 7 weeks from start to finish, more than 2 months ahead of schedule.

The Pool Man seamlessly integrated a few change orders from us during construction with no issues, allowing us to make minor adjustments to achieve the exact finished project that we desired. After completion, The Pool Man provided us with a detailed pool school, and then stayed in touch with us to ensure there were no issues with pool operations and final inspections.

Everything went very smoothly. The in-floor cleaning system offered through The Pool Man is fantastic, so be sure to ask about it. I have never had a pool with such low maintenance requirements. The lighted water bowls also add a great deal of beauty and character, well worth the cost.

If you are looking for a custom pool builder that is trustworthy, friendly and provides a great product at a competitive price, then I highly recommend The Pool Man. I especially recommend Bryan as a superintendent if he is available. He is the best.

Jim Goehring

When we were searching for a pool builder for our new home, we wanted a company and its people who care about their clients and the product their name was associated with. After our pool building experience with The Poolman, we can say with 110% confidence, they are the ones to use. Before we get to the people, let us first say that the quality and craftsmanship is second to none. Every inch of the pool was given attention to detail, and no corners cut. The PCC2000 in-floor cleaning system is a feature we highly recommend. It is worth every penny seeing how crystal clear our pool is. By no means is our pool “fancy”, but we can tell you that it is built solid and will last for many, many years to come. The pool is everything we envisioned and compliments our home very nicely.

Now on to the people which is the best part. The sales process was made simple by Wes. He carefully laid out 3D pictures of what our pool would look like in the context of our custom home to make adjustments. He walked us through the various technologies, the pros and cons of each, and the overall value. Wes was not your typical salesman and did not pressure us into anything, which we appreciated a lot.When it was about paperwork, Kim helped us with the bank's paperwork timely and was also very helpful in terms of laying out the high level next steps. This was a huge benefit.And finally, there is Mr. James Bullock, the project manager. Jimmy kept us informed about each and every step of the process from start to finish, told us what was to happen and when. When there was a delay he answered every one of our questions and when he did not know (maybe once or twice), he found out and provided us the answer and managed the time with contractors to make this process easy for us, and for that, we thank him. But what we appreciate more about Jimmy was how he showed that he cared for us.

We had some issues with the city regarding fencing, and Jimmy offered to come help us do what we needed to do to meet code so that we could stay on schedule with the pool build. Although we did not take him up on the offer, the fact that he was willing to even offer to help outside of his responsibilities showed what kind of person Jimmy truly is. He is definitely a blessing, disguised as a project manager for The Poolman. There absolutely were others who also made this pool build a great experience. From Adam, the burley build bossman, to Cody and Daniel, the “Chemical Brothers” who boiled down pool chemistry to our “dummy” level, they all made this experience with The Poolman worthwhile.

We could not be happier with our pool from The Poolman. From the craftsmanship and quality to the people who managed the whole process, we highly recommend this company for your pool needs. It has been said that customer service in some ways has deteriorated over time…The Poolman debunks that notion. Simply put, The Poolman and its people care about their work, and more importantly, care about the people they are serving.

Nick Patel

Our beautiful backyard pool, built by The Pool Man of Cypress, Texas is everything we were hoping for…and much more! From the inspired design of Wes Colby, through the nearly flawless execution of construction foreman Bart Russell and his subcontractor crews, to the start-up expertise of technician Joel Fitzgerald, the entire experience was very positive!

After considering the bid proposals and designs of three pool builders, we went with The Pool Man, Pool Man’s bid, in dollar amount, was the middle one, with a range of plus or minus 10%. But, the deciding factors came down to intangible qualities such as: 1) years in the pool building business (>30), 2) Local family business (not a national franchise), 3) activity level (>50 pools per year), 4) communication ability, 5) product examples and referrals and 6) a company that was well organized and projected an image of professionalism and prosperity.

Pool construction, with so many different trades involved (at least nine), is a complex endeavor. During the construction of our pool, a two week delay was caused by the back ordering of the water line tile and the coping rock, Wister Flagstone. Delays such as these are beyond the control of the pool builder, but still affect the scheduling of other trades. The pool was finished in eight weeks, as promised.

The Pool Man responded immediately to several issues that came up during or right after start-up. This is the hallmark of a company that not only remains in business during economic downturns but prospers during the good times. It’s all about customer service and standing behind your word – The Pool Man does this without question.

During the pool builder selection process, we went with our instincts – we were not disappointed. We recommend Pool Man, to anyone looking to build their backyard dream pool.

Dana And Barbara H

Wes Colby at the Pool Man did a fantastic job designing and completing construction on my pool 10 years ago. The quality of their work is top notch. I've had very few problems in 10 years with my pool compared to the pool I put in prior to this one, using a different company. I knew I would research before I put in my current pool so I would get a quality product. And, that I did. I couldn't have picked a better company to do major construction in my backyard! Please if you're looking for a pool, do your research, and you will enjoy your pool.

There are A lot of incredibly bad pool companies out there. Buyer beware! You WILL NOT HAVE THAT ISSUE WITH THE POOL MAN. The owners, over 30 years in business, stand behind their product. It's a nightmare when you use a company that doesn't answer their phones. All pools need some sort of service eventually and pick one that stands behind their product. If you're looking for a company that backs their product, then use The Pool Man. There is nothing they can't fix on a pool that they build. The caliber of the pool equipment lasts without much issues.

Mine is Pentair and I'd never use any other if I do another pool. Not to mention the Paramount inground pool cleaner. If you want a clean pool, this cleaner keeps my pool sparkling clean all year long. I hesitated putting that in but to my surprise, I now consider it a must. 100% better than any Polaris cleaner or other robotic cleaners. Your pool will sparkle! When it comes to diagnostics, they have a great crew that work together to diagnose any issues.

From the build to fixing any issues, they have a great repair crew and office staff. CHUCK KIRKLAND is a major force inside the office. Not only does he trouble shoot for his team on the outside, he's always there to answer questions for the customers. Chuck sometimes knows what's wrong before you finish explaining the issue! After the freeze the techs in the field and Chuck worked late days and weekends to get our pools up and running even though Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana were running with shortages of equipment because of the crazy freeze and pandemic that shut down and/or slowed production of many pool parts as well as other goods and services.

Not to mention the professional office crew that never lets a phone call slip through the cracks. Take it from my experience, get a pool company that is there when you need them and stands behind their products. It will make your life much easier, remember you're doing major construction, don't skimp on their historical background.

I actually think they've been doing pools, closer to 40 years. Great reputation, great company. I never write reviews but the way they handled the aftermath of the freeze put my experience over the top.

Thank you, Pool Man Team.

Nancy Martin

We had a great experience with the Pool Man and 110% recommend them if you are looking to build a pool. Our construction was completed August 2020 all during COVID. We received four designs/ quotes and by far the Pool Man's design, tenure, service provider for all major brands and pricing structure we knew was the best choice to build us a pool.

All the others it was constant upgrades. I get some add on's are necessary which we did upgrade our water feature pump to the same variable speed as the filter pump. Starting with design, Wes did a amazing job understanding what we wanted and after some modifications we got exactly what we wanted.

The start of construction is always messy but throw in COVID and it's even more complex. Adam and Jimmy really were accommodating and professional through the whole construction process. With the usual hiccups expected during construction they always committed to getting it right and ALWAYS delivered. That's what I appreciate. In all after months of having the pool I really understand the degree of professionalism the The Pool Man has employed and expects their contractors to operate at that same level. After seeing and hearing about other recent pool builds that are experiencing all sorts of issues (which is what everyone fears) we have been worry free and have confidence in what was built.

Given the recent winter storm having a new pool was frightful but once again The Pool Man came through and emailed everyone making recommendations on what we need to do in order to minimize and avoid damage. On a side note I would recommend the Paramount PCC2000 in floor auto cleaning system The Pool Man installs in lieu of any Polaris type cleaner especially if you live in The Woodlands!

Thank you The Pool Man team and a BIG Thanks to Adam for delivering an exceptional pool for our family staycations!

Brandon Ross

In a world of sales and service where the new business standard seems to be "the bare minimum", the Pool Man raises the bar from start to finish. We got the exact pool we wanted almost five years ago and have left its care and maintenance in their hands as well.

To say they have gone the distance would be a disservice to Melvin, Chuck, Joel, Nate and the rest. Our pool remains crystal clear week to week and when there are issues (as there can be from time to time) they are on top of it quickly and efficiently. They're responsive by phone (You actually get a human being) and tolerate a lack of mechanical and pool knowledge with a sense of humor and mentality of "that's what we're here for". Why comment now? Heater issue on a Friday, and had settled in that we wouldn't get anyone on short notice. Within the hour, got a call and someone was on the way.

Going the distance...a rare concept these days and has been our experience with the Pool Man from day one. Thanks guys (By the way, heater was fixed in the time it took to write this!)

Mark Lewis

The Pool Man did not build my pool, but I wish that they had. I have been using them to service my pool for 16 years, and they have always exceeded my expectations. Joel, who diagnoses problems and then fixes them is fantastic.

He always finds a way to make repairs at the lowest cost, and I would not want anyone else to service my pool. Jake does the weekly maintenance, and I can't say enough about how great he is. He is absolutely the best service tech that I have ever had.

He is personable and thorough. I highly recommend the Pool Man for all of your pool needs. They are just the best. 

Doc Cohen

"The best thing I can say about The Pool Man is that they exceeded my expectations and made the process from start to finish a complete joy.

We bid several different companies and went with The Pool Man because of their stellar reputation and the value for all of the things they include which other companies consider an upgrade.  The main thing was their in ground cleaning system which saved used thousands of dollars over the other companies.

We met with Blake Harrott at our home and shortly thereafter, he presented us a beautiful design.  He patiently let us make some changes we envisioned and was very kind when we decided to scratch all of our changes and go back to his original design!  The process was very easy with no pressure and he really listened and made sure he presented us with what we asked for. Once we agreed to everything we got to pick out all of the finishes at our convenience. Once that was done, he introduced us to our Project Manager.

Jimmy Bullock was on site everyday of the process to oversee the construction.  He organized the work crews and made sure they kept the construction site as clean as possible. The work crews that came in were always professional, courteous and respectful of our space and time.  We were in constant communication with Jimmy and Blake throughout the entire process. They were always only a text away if we ever had a question, and they always responded timely.  Even as we had to make decisions during the process, and change things that were beyond their control, they kept in constant contact which was greatly appreciated.

Kim Carley was also very friendly and helpful.  She kept us up to date with the timeline and made sure we knew what was expected each week.

I highly recommend The Pool Man. Blake, Jimmy and Kim made what is one of the most stressful events a fun and positive experience. They managed our expectations and honored their schedule.  We are so happy to have such an amazing pool in our own back yard!

Holly Cook

"I have to say these guys are amazing. Love our pool and yard so much. They did such a great job and we have a contract person we can call anytime we need help.

Love, love, love our little paradise."

Carol Baker Hughes

"We recently had our pool renovated with the Pool Man (replaced old Pebble Tec with Pebble Sheen). When I initially called, Laurie helped provide options for solutions to our issue, even offering some options that were lower cost. We ended up going for the full re-plaster and were very happy throughout the whole process.

Laurie kept us updated on status regularly. Once the job was complete, she had a call with us to walk us through the first 2 weeks of reopening the pool and has made herself available for questions throughout.

I highly recommend the Pool Man!"

Meredith Hunter

"Our experience with The Pool Man Inc. was nothing less than amazing. From the day we spoke with Wes about designing, to finalizing plans, picking out materials, to the build process and learning our pool at "pool school" we had a seamless experience. The system The Pool Man has in place is fantastic and it works! They know their thing!

All the trades were professional, clean, and punctual. From dig day to a pool full of water took only 31 days! This was our first pool to build and we definitely would recommend The Pool Man, Inc. to family and friends!

Thank you for making our backyard dreams come true so we can create many memories with our family and friends!"

Daniel Mathewson

"We had our pool remodel, Laurie Barry the head of the project was awesome, she provided excellent ideas on what really would bring the pool up to date, we had the pool re-plastered (Pebble tech) with a lighter color, installed new led lights, power wash the existing deck and cascade and added some landscape light around the flower beds and trees, the backyard looks awesome like a resort… Beautiful and brand new!

Excellent work, I had other 2 companies quoted before started the project but the Pool Man was the best value and all the suggestions was just what we needed.

Great Job."

Nancy V Moseley

"We just had the renovation of our 15 year old pool completed by the Pool Man and also had some additional upgrades to our deck included. From start to finish Laurie Barry was our contact. First off there was no sales pitch and then a hand off - Laurie was there every step of the way and constantly overseeing the work.

Why was that important? She knew exactly what we had expressed as important to us, what was non-negotiable and where we were flexible and ultimately we got exactly what we wanted. Second, you pay for what you get. I could have definitely paid a bit less up front but ultimately having Laurie in charge took away all of the headaches and when there were things that weren't quite right Laurie made sure it was done correctly and there was no fighting over an up charge or being nickel and dimed.

I cannot recommend Laurie and the Pool Man enough for how everything turned out. If we move house and decide to build a pool or renovate an existing one I know I only need to make one call to Laurie."

Blake Manuel

"The Pool Man has been servicing our pool for several years. They do a great job, very dependable and professional."

Karen Hill

I highly recommend The Pool Man for your pool needs. They built my pool about 10 years ago and have been there whenever I needed them. I just had my pool resurfaced and Laurie was great to work with and the pool surface is beautiful!

Janet Eaves Sherrill

“I highly recommend The Pool Man for pool installation and/or maintenance and repair service. They installed my pool over 11 years ago. On the occasions I've needed repair service, they have been prompt, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. Most recently, Daniel, one of their service representatives, provided service support on my pool/spa heater. In addition to the attributes previously mentioned above, he answered numerous equipment questions I had. This was very helpful to me, since I always want to understand how the various pool components function and are to be serviced. Thank you Daniel for your assistance and patience!”

David Bray

"Wow can’t say enough good things about The Pool Man. From start to finish they were top notch. Very professional and courteous.

We had a pool built by them that is absolutely gorgeous. Every step of the way they communicated with us as to what was going to happen next and took care of things as they came up. They aren’t the cheapest pool company but they are absolutely the best.

They go above and beyond for their clients, you will not be disappointed if you choose them as your pool company."

Houman K.

I have had two pools growing up and remember the time and attention that was required of being a pool owner. Regardless, we still saw multiple benefits to owning our own and started our search with Pool Man who has been in business since 1981. I concentrated on not primarily what their brochure promised but what other owners said of the company. After reading close to 100 reviews I knew I had found a reputable company. What fascinated me was their in-floor pool cleaning system called the PCC2000.

No more manual vacuuming; no more bulky hoses and units traveling the bottom of the bottom of the pool. Pool Man's system is akin to pop-up lawn sprinklers that sweep the pool moving debris to a central vacuum that removes it and places it in a convenient container for easy disposal. The one word that comes to mind after several months of ownership is; spectacular!

Which is the same word describing the design and build process. Wes Colby came and met with us, designed us a breathtakingly beautiful pool, fitted it to our yard and calmed our concerns that had troubled our neighbors who went with other pool companies. Steven Troz was our construction foreman, and the build ran like a fine Swiss watch. If he wasn't on the scene, he was a phone call away. And finally, Daniel walked us through pool school, explaining the functioning and care of the system, which has proven to be minimal. He finished with giving us his cell phone number in case we had any further questions or concerns; we have not and the water is crystal clear!

In closing, I recognized Pool Man for their reputation, ethics, and professionalism and did not investigate other companies as I probably should have. However two of my neighbors watched our process, listened to our comments, thoroughly researched the other local companies including bids; and both purchased Pool Man.

Curtis Ruggles

The Pool Man has the art of outdoor retreats down to a science! We are very pleased with the pool, pergola and outdoor kitchen they just built for us. Wes did a great job of listening to our vision and incorporating that into his design. Steven managed the construction process with precision, and we knew exactly what to expect during each week of the process.

Very happy and LOVE the finished product.


“Every chance we get, we’re outside enjoying our own little piece of paradise. From sales/design with Wes, to building and project managing with Steven, working with The Pool Man was a pure joy. They listened to our needs and wants, shared their expertise and now we have an amazing resort-like feel in our backyard. We decided on the in-floor cleaner and it’s been amazing. There’s no worry about making sure the pool is clean before jumping in. The PCC2000 keeps the pool wonderfully clean! We couldn’t be happier with our experience with The Pool Man and our beautiful pool.


We LOVE our pool. We competitively bid our project and found The Pool Man to be the best approach, best design and the best value. Wes, our consultant and designer was a true professional and worked well with our budget. Like any construction project, you hit a few bumps along the way. Our job foreman, Adam was very nice and knew his stuff although could have been better with his communication. We had a few meaningful production discussions and ultimately kept things on track. Once the pool was completed, Daniel came by several times to help us with instructions and explain how everything works. The Pool Man offers a fabulous "In Floor Cleaning System" and I can't say enough about it's efficiency and ease of use. Wes explained this system in our initial meeting and it seems to live up to it's hype. Highly recommended. Lastly, one more person from the Pool Man stopped by upon completion out of the blue just to see how everything was working out. I asked this person, "Who are you and what is your function with The Pool Man? He responded, I'm Robert and I own the company. Nice touch.” 

Stephen B

We loved working with everybody at The Pool Man Inc.; from the salesperson/dream creator Wes to construction guru Andrew all the way up the ladder to the bossman himself we were treated with the utmost respect for our wishes and needs. Everybody was great to work with and kept us up-to-date throughout the whole process. The build was completed almost three weeks ahead of the scheduled time (which is not necessarily common !) and we have already recommended The Pool Man Inc to all our friends.

The PCC200 in-floor cleaning system is something else that makes The Pool Man stand out above the competition and it works like a charm; the pool is super clean and you don't have to spend any more money replacing the cleaning robots every couple of years.

Thumbs up for The Pool Man Inc - a definite homerun !!”

Robert B

“We purchased our pool from The Pool Man a couple of years ago. WE STILL LOVE IT! This was our first pool and admittedly, we were a bit scared. However, it was a great process! Everyone was so very helpful and did an awesome job. From our awesome design to the construction team to always being kept advised as to what was going to be happening next. We also got the PCC2000 in-floor cleaning system. We HIGHLY recommend it! Really keeps our pool clean and free of trash without having the annoying hose floating around in the water. If you're looking to build a pool, it would truly be worth your while to talk to the folks at The Pool Man. You won't regret it!”


“I recently signed with this company and after the first cleaning, I could see a noticeable difference in the clarity of my pool compared to the previous company. Don’t go with cheaper just to save money. Lesson learned.”

John P

“The Pool Man finished our pool in November 2011 and has nothing but excellent things to say about the Pool Man. The Pool Man builds a very Quality pool. All of the personnel are qualified in what they do and make sure that you the customer is completely satisfied in their sales and service.

Richard S

The staff couldn't be better! We love our pool and highly recommend The Pool Man.

Terri I

"We were hit very hard by Hurricane Harvey and were determined to find a silver lining after being flooded out of our home. The Pool Man was that silver lining! Specifically, Wes, who designed the pool, and then Ted, who built it.

It takes more than two outstanding people to build what we wanted and the entire team at The Pool Man were ALL amazing. To say that they built the pool of our dreams would be an enormous understatement. We asked for an insane pool and they over-delivered. They made our backyard our favorite room in the house.

Their speed and efficiency with the actual building of the pool was incredible as the pool was ready 3 months before we could move back in. We are so grateful and thankful we chose this company and give them the highest recommendation one could ever give."

Robbie & Vonda S

“We have owned our Pool Man pool just over one year and couldn't be happier! From all aspects of the business: sales presentation, construction/quality control and customer service is second to none! We shopped around many local pool builders and would highly recommend The Pool Man - Thank you Pool Man team for building our paradise!

Ricky P

“Very happy and very satisfied from the time we met our sales guy to now. Everything was on the up and up, on schedule, good quality work. Two others on our street even had pools built by The Pool Man due to what they saw each day!”

Leah H

The Pool Man is a top notch company that truly cares about the quality of their projects. Wes Colby does an excellent job of turning your backyard into the perfect staycation destination.”

Michael S

You NEED a pool designed by Wes! He is amazing. They are truly works of art (and you can swim in them too)”

Christina S

“The creativity and love they put into your dream pool is obvious in every picture they post. The team at The Pool Man makes your dream and vision comes to life.

Craig L

We are five years into our Pool Man pool and are still VERY PLEASED! Know of a couple of other friends having pools being built now (not by The Pool Man) and I am shocked at their experiences. Thank you Wes and The Pool Man. Ya done good!

Debbie M

Such an amazing company. Even after project is finished they are always prompt to answer any questions and help problem solve any day of the week!”

Elizabeth W

Good people that do a really bang up job. Their pictures of finished jobs show their quality.

Douglas B

Outstanding service. Knowledgeable and friendly technicians, very satisfied with their service.

Steve H

Excellent service and support. After several other companies failed to fix my issues I decided to try The Pool Man and was not disappointed. Highly recommend A++

Genki D

The Pool Man came highly recommended to us and they did not disappoint. From the design process with Wes to the construction supervision with Steven, the process went very smoothly with no surprises. Danielle kept us posted with weekly status reports and Daniel educated us on operations and maintenance at "pool school". This was our first pool and we are extremely pleased with the results delivered by The Pool Man, including the quality of materials and features, especially the in-floor cleaning system. Our outdoor kitchen is another attractive and useful feature that complements the overall outdoor experience. In short, we are very pleased with every aspect of the design, materials and construction of our pool and we highly recommend The Pool Man.

Kerry G

Excellent experience with The Pool Man.”

Allison D

We had a great experience with The Pool Man team. Danielle (office admin.) was always available and the information she provided was first rate. Blake (Designer) walked us through the design process and listened to our needs and came through with a fantastic pool design! Steven (Superintendent) conducted daily walk-through, followed up with questions we had, and kept us up to date with the schedule the entire way.

Thank you guys for making this process easy and seamless!

Chris M

Everyone at The Pool Man did a great job of designing and constructing our pool! It is beautiful, exactly what we wanted, and something we will enjoy for years to come. We really appreciated the effort they put into making the entire process both easy on us and as well organized and problem free as possible. When problems did arise, our construction super was very good at communicating what was going on and how it would affect the overall schedule. The pool school training after our pool was complete was invaluable for us. Thanks to the entire crew at The Pool Man!

Vanessa N

“The Pool Man is an excellent choice! We decided on Pool Man after hearing many praises from their past clients. Everyone we knew that owned The Pool Man pool had nothing but great things to say about their quality and customer service. We've had our pool now almost two years and we are so glad we chose Pool Man to build our pool!!”

Zuri P

“As a repeat customer, The Pool Man did not disappoint. The construction process went smoothly and the finished pool exceeded our expectations.”

Kirsty M

We had our pool built by Pool Man last August and are very pleased with all interactions with this company. They stayed on time with the construction of the pool and during the one service warranty call we had they had a tech out right away and resolved our minor issue. The in ground cleaning system has been great for our wooded lot and the pool has minimum maintenance. Would definitely recommend and would use again.

Craig S

Simply cannot say enough wonderful things about The Pool Man. From start to finish and beyond they have treated us as if we were their only customer. Every person we came in contact with at this wonderful company has treated us with such specialness. Absolutely nothing I would do different except do it again with no one but The Pool Man. Huge thanks to each one of you for the most gorgeous backyard heaven ever.

Cynthia C

“We have done a few building and pool construction projects and our latest with The Pool Man went the smoothest of them all. Also the contractors used provided the highest quality work - thank you to all the people directly involved with our project, Wes, Ron, Danielle and Daniel.”

Rudolph S

They did a great job! Absolutely no complaints!”

Brad M

“We absolutely LOVE!! Our POOL!! The service is outstanding. We were kept informed the entire process. Even after our pool was completed they still checked up on us and even came out to make sure we knew how to work all the equipment. I recommend The Pool Man to everyone I meet who wants to put a pool in.

Great friendly staff too!!”

Robin G

I had a very good experience with The Pool Man. This was the second pool that I’ve built and I knew the questions to ask and they had very good responses. Not just the salesman, but the construction project manager. I was even pleased when I forgot to talk about a problem that I had with my previous pool with landscaping water seeping through from the concrete making white lines above the waterline and learned during the construction that The Pool Man installs flagstone on the back side on the wall facing the dirt to prevent seepage. This is not cheap and was not mentioned in any sales pitch, but was important to me and it was nice to hear there was no additional cost, this is how they build pools. This is just one example of craftsmanship that I really appreciate with The Pool Man. I would highly recommend The Pool Man. It’s a big investment; I don’t think you can go wrong with them. Do your homework.”

Mark E

“We were in the process of doing our homework before selecting a pool builder. The Pool Man was the third custom pool builder we had talked to. Immediately after meeting with their designer, Wes Colby, we knew we were with the right company. He listened to what we had in mind and improved upon that. No pressure, just a lot of good information. The great experience continued throughout the build with a lot of communication with the construction staff. Everything was right on the schedule we all agreed to. A number of our friends and neighbors have pools and even they are totally impressed with the outcome. We are extremely pleased with all the craftsmanship and look forward to years of pool enjoyment. I would surely recommend Wes Colby and The Pool Man to anyone wanting a custom pool.

Brad / Leah W

Jennie and I wanted to thank you and The Pool Man for such wonderful customer service – both before and after installation of our pool. You guys have been a pleasure to work with. As we enter our second season of “fun in the sun,” we are so thankful that we decided to install our pool sooner rather than later. The quality of the products and installation will allow us many seasons of enjoyment. The PCC 2000 cleaning system is seamless and integral to our enjoyment. Without hesitation, we are always happy to recommend The Pool Man. We thoroughly enjoy the backyard environment you created for us as it has become a centerpiece of entertainment year-round.

DeWayne And Jennie E

“One hears about nightmarish experiences during pool construction…

Well this is not one of those.

When we moved to our new house it was never whether we would have a pool built it was when… well when is this year…

We met Wes Colby in January. He designed for us 4 pools before we hit on the one that we absolutely love.. Wes never took it personally when we told him to ‘sharpen the pencil’ or go back to the drawing board…

Since this was our first experience in building a pool Wes took the time to show us several pools that were in different phases of construction…. When we made our selections of tile and coping and the pool finish Wes again took us to different pools in the area that had the materials that we would be using…

When the pool was laid out in our backyard we met our construction superintendent, David Beckman. He walked us through all phases of construction very professionally. David always showed up before the different crews came out and talked with them before they began their jobs. He would stay on the jobsite until he was satisfied that everyone knew what to do… and then he would come back in the evening to check everything out…

Before we met with Wes on our first visit, my husband and I had checked out The Pool Man with the BBB and was impressed with their A+ rating which along with Wes’s super design swayed our decision to go with them.

I asked for references and found that everyone that I talked with was extremely happy with the workmanship of the pool and happy with their Pool Man experiences.. One question that I asked everyone that I called was if you had it to do over again would you use Pool Man Inc, and I received resounding yes’s!!

From start to finish the project took only 6 weeks!!

Would we recommend Pool Man? You bet!! You will be glad that you did!

Charlotte And Paul P

“I have to first thank Blake for coming out to our house on a week day evening so my husband could be there to meet him as well. I think it was around 8pm when he came over and never rushed us at all. He did an amazing job at designing our pool!! We met with 3 other pool companies and none of them came close to what we wanted even after several tries… Blake got it right on the first try and we didn’t even tell him what we were looking for. We also got the in ground cleaning system and WOW do we love it!!!! It was well worth the extra money!!! We can’t say enough great things about it. We love not having to have that little cleaning vacuum swimming around our pool constantly. We have 2 small kids and will have lots of kids in the pool and didn’t think it was going to be very safe or even fun to have that hose swimming around so we chose to get the cleaning system and are so glad we did. Our neighbors said after talking to us they wish they would’ve gone with The Pool Man as well to get the in ground cleaning system but at the time didn’t realize it was that big of a deal… now that they have their pool and constantly clean it they wish they had it! 

I also want to thank Steve and Danielle for the building process. We had a couple bumps along the way but they made sure we were well taken care of and always made it seem like we came first. Our concerns were heard and dealt with very fast and professionally. I knew that I could always pick up the phone and call either one of them if I needed to. I don’t know if we would’ve had this same personal service with another company… The Pool Man has no negative feedback on the BBB for a reason! They were amazing to work with. Since we got the pool built in November and it’s just now April, we haven’t had a chance to full enjoy it but this weekend will be our first time and we can’t wait! We love to look at it and think back at the process and smile. If we had to do it all over again there is no doubt in our minds we would choose The Pool Man again!

Shara M

“We began our journey with you and The Pool Man having never built a pool before. Wes, you were very professional and extremely helpful in educating us on all of our options and with the design of the pool. From beginning to end our experience was an exceptionally good one. The quality of your company’s workmanship and your customer service is excellent. Without hesitation, I would whole heartedly recommend you and The Pool Man to any of my friends.”

Matt B

We would like to thank you for your assistance in designing and building our custom back yard pool. We were especially impressed by the personal service and skills provided by your pool designer Wes Colby who took our vague ideas and transformed them into the pool that we really desired. The whole process was exceptionally well managed with contractors arriving and leaving on schedule and the office staff keeping us well informed from start to finish. Mess and noise were kept to a minimum during the construction period, and all of your staff has continued to provide top class service by answering any questions that have occurred after the pool was finished. Thanks again for your top quality service.

Carole And Dave P

The Pool Man Inc is one of the best companies I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. They built a quality pool exactly to the design specifications Wes Colby designed and we agreed upon. In addition, when we ran into problems with getting the permit because part of our backyard was moved to a flood plain (unbeknownst to us), Wes immediately revised the entire design and resubmitted, all with no delays. The pool was completed during their busiest time, in the middle of summer, and it was still completed in far less time than promised. We were swimming in the pool 4 weeks after breaking ground!

The construction of the pool was excellent and they were very careful with very little damage to our yard. They also kept the site very clean during construction.

I have had a couple of minor follow-up warranty issues and their service after pool completion is unparalleled. They immediately assumed full responsibility and handled the repairs instantly. They have also willingly given me free periodic advice on pool chemicals and maintenance since this is my first pool.

I highly recommend The Pool Man Inc and only wish that all companies I dealt with had such a high commitment to customer satisfaction and service.

Kenny And Michele T

It’s been a pleasure doing business with ‘The Pool Man’. Thanks to all of ‘The Pool Man’ team for making our 25 year dream of having a custom pool come true! Ya’ll are great!

Being new to the swimming pool world, we had specific things we wanted our build to accomplish. Your designer, Wes Colby came out to our home to evaluate our site and listen to us express our likes and dislikes for a design. Wes created a design plan that surpassed all of our expectations! It included a very functional layout for the pool, spa, rocks, water features, lighting, decking and even extra covered sitting space!

Bart Russell, the implementation project manager, made the pool build process a pleasure, ensuring that the tasks scheduled were completed efficiently and on time. Bart’s attention to details exceeded our expectations!

Our build was a great experience and the final result is a high QUALITY swimming pool! We love our Pool Man pool!

Jon T And Sherry A

“Our pool has been completed. It’s a beautiful design and the Pool Man was quick to respond with any corrections. We are looking forward to many years of enjoyment for our family. 5 stars for Bart (our construction supervisor) throughout the entire project. The Pool Man has a team to be proud of from initial design all the way to completion.

Art, Karen & Daniel B

“This is our first pool, so I did quite a bit of research online and through friends. We met with 4 different companies. The Pool Man was the first and Wes Colby came out to meet us, survey the yard and to find out what we had in mind. He pretty much had us sold before we even met with the 3rd company. He was on top of everything from the first day of our consultation to the end of the build. We had a few minor changes to the design prior to the build he was very prompt to get back with the updates. Thank you Wes! As my husband said “You hit the nail right on the head!” I would also like to thank Bart Russell and Danielle for their help and kindness throughout the build. We had our ‘pool school’ at the end of our build. Daniel was very helpful and took his time explaining everything we needed to know, very convenient as they come out to our home to do this. There were a few minor bumps along the way but I absolutely love our new backyard! Thank you Pool Man!

Jayson And Jamie G

Houston’s Best Custom Pool Builder!!

Thanks to the team at The Pool Man, every time someone steps inside our front door, they complement our beautiful pool! Wes Colby transformed our ideas into a stunning pool design that completes our backyard. Bart Russell ensured that it was built to the highest standard with no compromises whatsoever. This was our first pool building experience and we really appreciated that they were always willing to take the time to address any concerns and answer all of our questions. The in-floor cleaning system (PCC2000) is absolutely amazing and the smartest thing we did when building our pool. We’ve continued our relationship with The Pool Man as they maintain our pool every week. Thanks for a beautiful pool!”

John & Kim A

“Dear Pool Man:

My background comes from working in and now running a 30 year old family company. The Pool Man, also being a 30 year old family-based business, has many of those same qualities that reminded me of why we are still in business after all of these years.

The Pool Man is not interested in turning out another pool and just moving on to the next one. They understand that meeting all of our expectations was a top priority. They go that extra mile in ensuring that things are done right. They have a culture in their company that promotes teamwork and everyone I came in contact with during our pool build was eager to satisfy our needs. The first meeting with Wes Colby, our designer, was very helpful. He steered us toward a pool design that fit our needs perfectly. Wes did a fantastic job in helping my wife and I visualize the finished product.

After meeting the staff and owner of the company, I could tell that the employees of ‘The Pool Man’ want to do great work. It was proven to me when pool construction started with David Beckman, our pool superintendent. David was a professional in every sense of the word and had solid answers for all of our questions and concerns. Obstacles are to be expected with any construction project, and when one showed up, David was always there with a solid solution. Like the rest of the staff, David kept me informed throughout the entire process of the build and we really appreciated that.

Daniel King held pool school for us and explained our equipment and how to properly maintain the pool and to take advantage of the technology at our fingertips, with our hand held remote. He spent extra time with us going through scenarios that we might encounter during the course of a year. He wanted us to feel comfortable with all the information given and also explained how he could be reached on the weekends if we had any questions. Speaking of technology, if you add any one feature to your new pool, make sure that it’s the PCC2000 in-floor cleaning system – that thing is amazing and has made our jobs very easy! It does the work while we enjoy our pool.

It is a good feeling knowing that we can rely on ‘The Pool Man’ for any needs we may have in the future. I highly recommend ‘The Pool Man’ as your choice in building, servicing or remodeling your custom pool.”

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with our new pool. We haven’t been able to use it much yet because of the weather, but we are already looking forward to next summer. I would also like to thank you for the American Express gift card. I know our kids will want to help us spend it on pool toys.

The other reason I’m writing is to tell you what an outstanding job Bart Russell did for you. He checked daily on the pool’s progress and made sure to keep us up to date with what would be taking place next. He was always pleasant, courteous; and if he didn’t know the answer to one of our questions, he made sure to find out and get back with us in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with him. In fact, everyone that I dealt with at your company was attentive and polite.

Again, we are very pleased with our pool.”

James & Gina L

“My husband and I considered building our first pool for over 5 years and, during that time, we interviewed several — okay, no less than 8 — pool builders. None of them gave us a backyard design that solved all our needs and made us say “Wow” until we met with your team on the recommendation of one of our neighbors.

Blake from The Pool Man put together a design that not only included the pool we dreamed about, but also a fantastic shade structure that made it all look better than we could have imagined.

Thanks, too, to Dave for his careful oversight of our project and attention to detail, the great customer service from Danielle and the thorough ‘pool school’ by Daniel. You guys have a great team we’re thrilled with the work you did.

We look forward to years of good times in our backyard.”

Mary M. Sahlberg

“I wanted to write to you and tell you how pleased we have been with our pool. We have received many compliments from friends and neighbors on the beauty of our pool and how nicely it complements and improves the yard. Everyone enjoys sitting outside now!

From start to finish, all of you at The Pool Man and all of your contractors did an excellent job. You along with Steve, our foreman, kept us up to date on what was occurring during construction. Any delays were quickly communicated and handled reasonably. When we had questions, someone always got back to us and professionally handled our questions no matter how small.

We were impressed with the contractors that the Pool Man hired. Each group was professional, courteous, and very hard working. They were respectful of our property and tried hard to limit the impact they had on our house and yard. Our boys enjoyed making them lemonade to cool them off in the incredible heat of a Texas afternoon in large part because of the pleasant reaction they got from the workers. The technical skill of the contractors is evident in the beautiful pool that we now enjoy!

I also want to point out how pleased we have been with the PCC2000 in-floor cleaner. I remember vacuuming our pool when I was a kid and did not relish the idea that I would have to do it again. With the in-floor cleaner, all the dirt and debris is swept toward the drain and sucked into the collection basket. Now all I have to do is empty the bag! There are no hoses and no mechanical devices to put in the pool. It is truly wonderful and so simple to use. Thank you for recommending it!

Once construction finished our contact with The Pool Man did not end. We had many questions about the pool and its operation and we still do from time to time. Each question or problem has always been handled to our satisfaction. A couple of warrantee issues arose during the first year and second year and they were dealt with quickly and effectively, once again proving to us that we made the right choice to have The Pool Man build our pool. Neither Kevin nor I have ever had an unpleasant experience with The Pool Man and we recommend you to all of our friends who show an interest in having a pool installed. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We enjoy the fruits of your labor everyday!

Kristie And Kevin B

We just wanted to send you a word of thanks for the custom pool that Wes Colby and The Pool Man designed and installed for us. You may not know this Wes, but Misti and I interviewed at least five different area companies prior to selecting The Pool Man to design and build our pool and outdoor kitchen. As we were new to the area and to pools in general we were naturally very cautious in selecting a company. One of the things that impressed us so much about The Pool Man was the professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction demonstrated from the start. One of the unique things about your company is that you handle the pool, landscaping, and the outdoor kitchen work as one package unlike the competition. We felt this was very beneficial to have one company to work with throughout the entire project.

We can’t say enough good things about Bart Russell, the Project Manager over our project. He was fantastic to work with from day one, and we were always amazed with his ability to manage all of the things that he had to synchronize to make the project go smoothly and stay on schedule. He was always available to us and readily answered our many questions and when there were any issues he addressed them quickly and to our satisfaction.

As the work progressed through the various stages we often had the chance to visit with the different contractors working on the project and we were very impressed by the reputation that The Pool Man has with all of their contractors. It is apparent that you treat them with the same level of professionalism that you do your customers. If we are ever in the market for another pool you will be the first call we make.”

John & Misti M

“As this was our first pool, we did a lot of research and got recommendations from friends. We met with several companies including The Pool Man. We chose The Pool Man for several reasons; first, the A+ rating with the BBB, second it was a family owned local business and has been in business for over 30 years. We also were impressed with the fact that if any one of the team members were out for any reason, there was always a backup.

Upon meeting with Wes Colby our designer, one of the criteria we insisted on was the PCC 2000 in-floor cleaning system. The next criteria, was to incorporate the current existing water fall into the pool design. Wes was very professional and with a few changes came up with a design that was not only beautiful but within our budget. It is absolutely amazing today to look at the initial computer drawing of what the pool and the surroundings should look like at completion. Well, you could just about create an overlay of the computer drawing versus the actual and would find very little difference. The actual of course is even better than we hoped for or envisioned.

During construction, David Beckman and Danielle were always on hand to answer any questions or concerns we had and kept us informed of the many phases and the length of time it would take and what to expect. All of the contractors were very courteous and respectful not only to us but to our neighbors. The beautiful part of the overall timing…started the first dig on September 12, water in the pool on October 12 and everything including the landscaping, sprinkler system and total turnkey of the entire pool project was finished on November 12 and we were swimming. The weather happened to be a little cool but the pool heater took care of that.

My wife and I really enjoyed the fact that Robert Sheltz, founder of The Pool Man and Ted Ritts, head of sales and new pool construction, showed so much genuine interest to make sure every phase of the pool project was as perfect as it could be. There were times when Robert and/or Ted would drop by completely unannounced just to check on things. I caught Ted with a water hose one day watering down the gunite plaster and Robert came by just to see how the project was coming along and to say hello. He didn’t just talk about pool stuff but also showed a genuine interest in myself, my wife, our family and our well-being.

Everyone we came in contact within The Pool Man Company were very personable and always came with a solution or an answer to just about anything that my wife and I could throw at them.

Long story short, we highly recommend The Pool Man to build your custom pool because of the people that are employed there. They are all very friendly, professional and caring and will go beyond your expectations to make sure you are satisfied. They are all very Customer Satisfaction Driven.

Thanks to The Pool Man for fulfilling one of our biggest dreams. My wife and I wanted the “WOW” factor and The Pool Man gave that to us. The entire pool project is beautiful.

Richard & Jerri S

“It’s hard to believe we’re splashing around in our backyard paradise already. It seems just like yesterday that we sat down with Wes Colby at our kitchen table in spring and shared our dreams of a backyard oasis. Wes listened to us and delivered exactly what we were looking for, a unique but simple design that had to fit into a relatively small backyard. After a few tweaks, we were ready to go. Watching our pool develop from a hole in the ground to what we see now was truly remarkable. David Beckmann, our construction supervisor, patiently led us through the construction process, letting us knows what to expect next. He also replied to more than a few weekend texts and phone calls, answering questions about the process and never once ignoring us. Both Wes and David could not have been more patient and professional throughout the process. Now, as we relax with our two girls after work and on the weekends, our sheer descent waterfalls, gorgeous flagstone accents and clear blue water make us feel like we’re at a resort, not in our backyard in Spring, Texas. The in-floor cleaning system was also a great choice. The PCC2000 so far has made pool maintenance a breeze, doing almost all the cleaning work for us. The Pool Man was honest, helpful, and patient and delivered a quality product on time and on budget. We couldn’t be happier and often just look at each other and smile. We made the right choice with The Pool Man. Thanks Wes, David, Danielle and Laurie for your guidance and patience. We love our pool!”

Jack & Raquel W

Working with the The Pool Man was a very pleasant experience. Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive in even putting in a pool because of the horror stories I had heard on how people were treated, poor follow up, and uncompleted work. I can assure you that this was not the case here. David and Wes both communicated constantly during the entire process and were very quick to answer any questions or concerns we had. Follow-up was impeccable. They often went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everything looked and functioned properly. And of course, the pool is awesome! Wes did a terrific job in designing the pool from the very beginning and the layout really compliments our back yard. The quality of the pool is terrific. I can tell that the in-floor cleaning system is going to make my life much easier than the old style Polaris I was used to when I grew up as a kid. David Beckmann’s communication was absolutely first rate and he really did a great job to make sure that quality was built in to the pool from the very beginning. If something was not right, crews were sent out quickly to make sure that it was corrected. Daniel, our teacher in pool school, was very knowledgeable and honest and did a good job in explaining how the pool worked and how to maintain it properly. The whole experience was surprisingly pleasant and we absolutely love our new pool. We cannot recommend The Pool Man highly enough!

Ryan S

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note now that our pool is complete – we are more than happy with this major investment. The layout was perfect…thanking you for listening to what we really wanted and how we were going to use this pool day to day! The decking is awesome – it too is perfect, not only in the size you made it so our two girls and a…all of their friends can use it but also where the deck is located so it gets so much sun, we never have to worry about the house shadowing and taking over their rays. The multi-elevations of the pool and deck are gorgeous too. And there is just the right amount of benches everywhere in the pool so anyone can hang out anywhere they want too (shallow end/deep end, etc.). And the lights, fountains and fire bowls have all received rave reviews from our children and our guests! We have used this pool for over a solid month and have had several guests, and I honestly cannot think of ONE THING I would change about the design if I had to do it all over. We just love it! And thank you for making it “different” too. There are so many beautiful pools out where we live but we really appreciate how hard you worked to make it both unique from our neighbors but functional in that you incorporated every feature we wanted. It’s a great pool!

As far as the construction, we were swimming in the pool 40 days after the dig date. We did have weather in our favor, but I also cannot say enough positive things about David Beckmann. We have built 2 homes and did a major remodel in our previous home, and he is by far, the best construction supervisor we have ever had. He is so responsive, very organized and was always on top of everything. If we had any concerns, we would send him a quick e-mail and he would immediately get back to us. David just made the entire construction process as painless as possible and would help us out in any way. He went to great lengths to get a little makeshift fence up for our dog! This is just one of the many, many things David did to make the construction process go as smoothly as possible. Our pool had several “extras” in it or things that not every pool has, such as the in-floor cleaning system, lighted fountains, a non-elevated spa, etc. There was so much going on that he had to be on top of – and he just did a fantastic job! We are convinced that we could not have had a supervisor better than David. We are very thankful we had him!

We are very glad we chose The Pool Man for this major home improvement. We feel certain that if any issue or problem were to come up in the future, we can totally rely on The Pool Man to stand behind their work and their reputation. I feel very confident that we have a well-built, high quality pool that will give us years of backyard family fun. Thank you!

Kelly & Patrick W

Danielle Bowman provided outstanding customer service as construction coordinator. We always felt like she was “on our side” when it came to scheduling work or dealing with questions or issues that arose during the construction process. Danielle was extremely friendly, personable and very easy to work with. We really appreciated her attitude and efforts on our behalf.

Danielle B

“Bart did an excellent job of supervising the construction of the pool and explaining the process to us during the construction phase. Bart was very easy and pleasant to work with, very informative and very diligent in ensuring the final completed product was of the highest quality.”

Bart R

We were extremely pleased with the quality of the design, materials and workmanship employed by The Pool Man, in constructing our pool. Also, the employees of the company were very friendly and helpful in offering design and upgrade suggestions and explaining the process during the construction phase and providing support following completion of construction.”

The Pool Man,

Terri and I would both like to thank Wes Colby and his team at The Pool Man for the fine job that was done building our pool. The processes involved were carried out to our satisfaction and the pool looks great! It is exactly what we wanted and was planned, thanks to Wes and his design.

I would also like to say that David Beckmann, our superintendent on the job, was a big factor in our understanding of the build of the pool, and was there almost daily to follow up on the construction and the timing of the various crews. From beginning to end, the schedule was followed and the pool was completed on time and right on budget.

Daniel, your technician that does the Pool Schools was also very thorough and answered all of our questions completely. And lastly, we love how the PCC infloor system keeps the pool clean and leaf free!

We would recommend The Pool Man to any of our friends that would want a high quality pool built.

Thanks again for the perfect pool!”


James O. (Jim) Langley

I just want to thank The Pool Man, for being the trust worthy pool builder we were looking for. We found so many contractors willing to build us a cookie cutter pool but only you and Wes Colby, our designer, guided us through the entire process. My wife and I felt informed and comfortable with every aspect of the process. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted until we had options and felt that Wes took the time to give us options and make changes as we requested. Wes Colby and the Pool Man are true hidden gems that we are lucky to have in Cypress. You were actually suggested to me by another custom builder in the area when I asked for a comparable bid. They presented a great pool design but were missing the small details that made your pool extraordinary. We required a company with a proven track record and one in good standing with the BBB.

For anyone considering building a pool, let me make your decision easy, go with The Pool Man! When Wes Colby came to the door, he was very professional, courteous and got right down to it. He took measurements and pictures of the proposed build area, utilities, and the back of the house. Probably the most impressive part of the process, other than Wes as a salesman, was the graphic design he created himself. The first thing we noticed right away on the initial design was Wes’ attention to details. The house in the design looked exactly like our house from the brick color to the windows and doors! Building a pool is a big investment and we appreciated having someone that would think about the smallest of details. Other designs we had received only looked similar to our house, at best. Since Wes created the design, any changes were made while we sat with him at our house and we actually worked together to get the size and shape in line to meet our budget. My wife is a visual person and she could see exactly what the pool would look like in real time. That part of the process was immeasurable to help us make informed decisions. We were offered standard equipment as well as upgraded equipment with no pressure for either.

After talking with several builders, we had narrowed it down to two. The main two factors that led us to choose The Pool Man were the quality of the stones used in the rock wall and the flagstone coping (which is over two inches thick and looks outstanding with a chiseled edge), and the PCC2000 in-floor filtration system. I loved the fact that there would be no robot cleaner and hose to deal with to keep the pool clean. The system works while we play in the pool and it does a great job. I never have to brush the seats, steps or floor because the PPC2000 does what it guarantees. Paramount is the top of the line in-floor system and The Pool Man is the only licensed contractor in our area they allow to install it.

During the construction process, we were kept well informed by emails from Laurie and Danielle in the office letting us know when subcontractors were scheduled to be on our property. David Beckmann, our project manager, was very helpful and honest during construction. He was on sight periodically to make sure the subcontractors were doing their job and was very responsive whenever we had questions or concerns. We have absolutely no regrets going with The Pool Man team and would suggest them to anyone we know looking to build their custom pool.

Jeff And Jennifer P

Dear Pool Man,

I just wanted to drop my new friends at The Pool Man a note to thank you guys for putting out such an amazing product!!! Thinking back to a few months ago, when Wes came to our house (after work when it was convenient for us I might add!) for a consultation, to now when I get to sit on my back patio (which we have never enjoyed in the past, due to this Texas heat) getting to watch the sunset and watching the kids thoroughly enjoying themselves, is almost surreal! We have gotten fantastic feedback from all our friends as to the quality of our pool! What I think is also really neat is when our friends that have a pool themselves, always ask where my pool cleaning snake is (the Polaris)!?! That’s when I walk them to the edge of the pool and start pointing to the PCC 2000 in-floor cleaning nozzles. I am sure that I don’t explain the technology 100% correctly, but all they hear is that I don’t have to do ANYTHING and my pool is ALWAYS nice n’ clean! Which for a first time pool owner, I can honestly say that’s a huge relief! Without question, it’s the best thing we could have for our pool! Wes, I have to say that you and David have been great to work with through this entire process! For something as messy as digging a 22,000 gallon hole in our backyard, David’s hands-on approach sure made everything seamless!

So once again, a BIG thanks to all of you at The Pool Man from the Hendryx family!!

David H

Dear Pool Man,

I’d like to take a few moments to thank everyone at the Pool Man for their hard work and all of the effort that went into building our new pool. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the end results and thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the process. Every single individual that we dealt with from the Pool Man was courteous and professional to deal with, as well as concerned about the end results that we were trying to achieve. Beginning with Wes our salesman, to Daniel who instructed our pool school, and everyone in between, every person we worked with should be lauded for their efforts and I would like to personally thank everyone that was involved in building our pool.

The end results exceed the vision that my wife and I had when we initially reached out to The Pool Man. Although I was a bit skeptical about how effective the in ground cleaning system would be at first, I am elated with the results. Our pool stays spotless year round with minimal effort put in by us. Our neighbors and friends are all amazed with how clean our pool stays…especially those who have pools of their own!

We have been able to use our backyard space in ways we have never been able to in the 16 years we’ve lived in our house. Our pool has opened up our backyard not only as a place for recreation and relaxation, but it now serves as a beautiful view right out of our back windows 365 days a year.

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with the Pool Man in all aspects of this process. I would HIGHLY recommend the Pool Man to anyone that is interested in building a pool of their own.

Thank you to everyone at the Pool Man!


Kirk & Emily H

 “When we began the process of checking out pool companies, we found ourselves very frustrated with the first few we met with. The salesmen were very nice, but they would design a pool for us that was either not at all what we wanted, or completely out of our budget. They were trying to talk us into other pool features we had no desire to have. They had no regard for what OUR needs/wants were. They also did not respond to our phone calls or emails and really didn’t seem like they wanted our business. Some friends of ours have a Pool Man pool and they told us how much they loved it and how smooth the process was during the construction, so we decided to set up a meeting. Wes Colby was our salesman and he spent a lot of time with us and really listened to what we wanted. During the design phase, we ended up changing our minds about some features several times. He was so patient with us and continued changing the design until it was exactly what we wanted.

When the construction began, Bart Russell was our construction superintendent and he too was great to work with. Midway through construction, we added decking and made a minor change to our rock feature and it was such a smooth process. Pool Man’s whole goal was to make sure we were happy…and we are! They also finished the construction ahead of schedule, which was a pleasant surprise!

We have several friends who have pools and the biggest complaint we have heard from them is that their pool cleaner breaks down all the time and is very expensive to repair/replace. One thing that we were amazed by is the PCC2000 in-floor cleaning system that Pool Man installs in the pool. It completely eliminates the need for the traditional “vacuum cleaner” that most pools require. The PCC2000 is such an incredible improvement and there is no worry about it breaking down. We aren’t having to spend time dealing with the other kind of cleaner. We were a little skeptical about how well it would actually clean the pool, but we are so thankful we have this system because it really does work and is so wonderful!

Since we are new to pool ownership, there are still questions we have from time to time about different things, whether it is chemicals or something else, and we have called the Pool Man many times and have talked to Laurie, their “chemical expert”. She has been incredibly helpful and always encourages us to call anytime with questions.

We really feel like everyone we have dealt with at the Pool Man has exceeded our expectations. It has been one of the most pleasant companies to do business with and we would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you, Pool Man, for all you have done for us! We love our new pool!”

Brett And Lori

Everyone at the Pool Man,

We wanted to write a note of grateful appreciation to all of you at the Pool Man for our absolutely gorgeous pool. Wes Colby designed a gorgeous combination to meet all our needs. He listened to us as we explained what we wanted; a 24″ raised deck on the deep end, with a beautiful waterfall and LED lighted bubblers. We wanted a fire pit and paver deck incorporated on the other end of the pool and a custom designed vanishing edge spa. The graphic design software enabled us to visualize how the pool design would look at all daylight hours considering the orientation of our house to the sun, sundown and evening. This was a great help to see the pool design, layout, and material selection incorporated into the final design. The extension to our existing patio and the modification of our patio columns, matched our existing house perfectly. The quality of the workmanship we experienced with the Pool Man was exemplary. The suggested Fantastico Travertine on the pool and columns along with the mix of Wister Flagstone on the fountain rocks and column chiseled caps were stunning. Wes, thank you for designing a gorgeous pool!

Early in our pool company selection process, Wes took us to look at many Pool Man pools to get design and material ideas. We noticed in these visits that all The Pool Man pools were sparkling clean compared to other company pools that we have seen. We chose The Pool Man for your use of the Paramount in-floor cleaning/filtration system. This system is AWESOME! The dirt and debris are blown toward the central drain and sucked into the collection basket and all we have to do is empty the bag! There are no hoses or mechanical devices to put in the pool. We never have to brush the seats, steps or floor. The Paramount system keeps our Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen spotless and sparkling! Even when our neighbor’s large Bradford Pear tree shed its leaves, the in-floor cleaning system removed all the leaves.

We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to Bart Russell, our Superintendent, who was extremely dedicated and responsive to ensure our pool was built to perfection. He was in our back yard daily to ensure the subcontractors were executing each task appropriately. The subcontractors hired by the Pool Man are the most professional, respectful men we have seen. Bart was very easy and pleasant to work with, very informative and very diligent in ensuring the final completed product was of the highest quality. We had such a complicated pool design and Bart was on top of all the combination of details at all times. We are perfectionists ourselves, and Bart’s attention to details exceeded our expectations! Bart always went the extra mile to ensure that things were done right and customer satisfaction was his highest priority.

Daniel King, our pool technician, held Pool School for us and explained all of our pool equipment and pumps and how to properly maintain the pool and technology functions with our hand held remote. He spent extra time with us going through scenarios that we might encounter during the course of a year. He offered that we could contact him via cell phone at any time, even on weekends if we had any questions. We actually called him one early Saturday morning with a pool heating question and he talked us through how to operate it quickly so our pool was ready for a party in the cool fall weather.

We have recommended The Pool Man to several friends and neighbors already and will always continue to do so! The Pool Man designed and built the pool of our dreams for our family and we are truly grateful for all of the hard work, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction that your company exhibited during the process. We are blessed and very grateful to all of you!

Bob And Angela P

"Great experience from start to finish. The team was easy to work with and important to me left a clean backyard when they were finished."


“I normally do not write letters of recommendation but in this case I have felt compelled to share my experience with your company. Without hesitation, to say we are impressed with our custom pool is an absolute understatement.

After narrowing down our final choice of pool builders, we chose your team for several reasons. First and foremost, your company has no complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau and being in business since 1981 that alone speaks volumes in my book. Secondly, I personally called on 15 of your recent customers (thanks for the client list) and spoke to them about their personal experiences. They were all very proud of the work your company did and nearly every one of them highly recommended the in-floor cleaning system you offer.

Your sales staff listened to exactly what we were looking for in a pool and didn’t try to over sell us or suggest something different than what we wanted. The construction process went flawlessly and from the time they dug dirt to the time we were in the pool was exactly four weeks. Our neighbors behind us had their pool finished in 14 weeks and even they were impressed with how fast your team completed the work!

Where did you find such dedicated work crews? Wanda would call me to let us know which crew was to arrive that day and every single time they showed up on time and got straight to work. I have never seen so many different crews operate what appeared to be the same work ethic. They were very fast and paid attention to details that I often overlooked. The quality of the flagstone and the Pebble Tec is perfect and the waterfall turned out beautifully. Your electrician did a perfect job in setting up all of our wiring and equipment. The pumps, heater and cleaning system were professionally installed and not a single wire was left hanging anywhere. I’m a stickler for neatness and I couldn’t have completed the electrical work any better.

We know that we could have paid a little less with another pool company but looking back, I would have paid much more to have had the experience I had with you guys. Please, please, please use this letter of referral. I have since recommended your company to several people and will always continue to do so. You deserve the kudos’! You guys built a perfect pool for our family and we are truly grateful for all of the hard work and professionalism you exhibited during the process.Keep up the great work and your company will go far.” 

Repeat Customer