Great Pool Side Grilling Tips from your Houston & Cypress Custom Pool Builder

Here are some tips from Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue! Biblejust in time for your July 4th cookouts!

  • Use a fattier cut of meat – 15 – 20 percent fat is ideal
  • Pretreat your grill – Once it’s hot, brush it clean with a stiff wire brush, then wipe a oiled paper towel across the grate
  • Avoid “premature ignition” – Raichlen’s term for lighting coals too early and having insufficient heat
  • Be careful not to over-crowd the grill – Leave about 30% of the grill free so you can move foods from a flare-up
  • Let the meat rest for two or three minutes before serving – The meat will relax and it will be juicier

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