Pool Safety Tips for Pets from your Houston Pool Builder, The Pool Man, Inc.

The Pool Man, Inc., cares about swimming pool safety, not only for people, but also for our four (or two) legged friends.  Here are some helpful pool safety tips from our friends at SwimmingPool.com   There are some basics rules you can follow to prevent tragedy when pets are around the family pool. First, your pet should always be taught where the steps in the pool are located, in case he falls in or gets in trouble while swimming. Even pets that are experienced swimmers can sometimes panic if they accidentally fall in the swimming pool. Pets that are too small to use steps should not be allowed in the pool. Here are some other helpful strategies for keeping your pet safe: A fence should be installed around the pool. Install a pet-safe ladder in the pool so your pet has easy exit access. Pets should not be allowed around the pool without supervision. Pool covers are NOT a form of protection. Covers can be deceptive to pets, as they look like a solid surface but can give out and lead to a tragedy. Familiarize your pet with water at a young age; don’t assume he can swim. Consider purchasing a pool alarm system. These float in the pool and go off when there is a disturbance in the water. Take your pet to the veterinarian immediately if a near-drowning or water injury occurs. For our latest pool safety tips, please subscribe to our blog or find us on Facebook. The Pool Man Inc., is a Houston Pool Builder serving the Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia and Houston areas since 1981. We are a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited member, receiving the BBB Awards for Excellence for 2013 – Winner of Distinction For our latest health and wellness tips, please subscribe to our blog or find us on Facebook. The Pool Man Inc., is a Houston Pool Builder serving the Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia and Houston areas since 1981. We are a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited member, receiving the BBB Awards for Excellence for 2013 – Winner of Distinction