Pool Maintenance Tip from your Houston Pool Builder – Why is my pool water cloudy?

Why is my pool water cloudy? Cloudy pool water can be attributed to either Improper Chemical Balance or Physical Causes.Common chemical causes can include High PH, High Total Alkalinity, High calcium hardness or improper product addition.When several chemicals need to be applied, it is usually necessary to space out the application of the chemicals. When adding larger amounts of chemicals to adjust water balance, the key thing to remember is add small amounts over a wide area of the pool, over the course of several hours.Common physical causes include inadequate circulation and poor filtration. The vast majority of cloudy pools are due to poor filtration. The most overlooked aspect of pool care is filter cleaning.  Chemical cleaning of the filter MUST be a regular part of your routine pool care program. For more pool maintenance tips, check out our blog or find us on Facebook.  For help with your cloudy pool water, call your Houston Pool Builder, The Pool Man, Inc’s service department and schedule your service call.