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Combined Chlorine ( Chloramines )

Combined chlorine occurs when free available chlorine combines with ammonia or other nitrogen containing contaminants present in pool water. Combined chlorine, or chloramine, is not an effective sanitizer for pool water applications. Combined chlorine can contribute to cloudy water, chlorine odor and eye irritation.

The only way to test for combined chlorine is to test for total chlorine and free chlorine, then subtract free chlorine from total chlorine to determine the combined chlorine level.

Removal of combined chlorine is achieved through a process known as breakpoint. To achieve breakpoint by chlorination, 10 ppm of free chlorine must be added for every 1 ppm of chloramine. This is an “all or nothing” process. It is always best to round up the amount to insure that Breakpoint Chlorination is achieved. The best measure of your success will be the improving clarity of the water, and the lessening of the obnoxious chlorine-like odor associated with chloramines.

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