Swimming Pool Water Testing Tips from your Houston Pool Builder

Testing Pool Water Pool chemistry is affected by many different factors including bathers, chemical additions and environmental influences. Because conditions in a pool change constantly, testing is vital to ensure proper water balance and sanitizer levels. Testing Tips : 1.) The water sample for testing should be taken approximately 18” below the water’s surface. 2.) The sample should be taken from an area of the pool that is away from the skimmers and return inlets AND should be taken from the same location every time. 3.) When using testing strips, never dip the strip directly into the pool. Dip the strip into the sample captured from the pool and always obtain a fresh sample for each test strip test. 4.) If using color blocks to compare colors, use a neutral colored ( white ) background behind the blocks and face away from the sun to get the most accurate assessment. 5.) Store test kits, reagents, and test strips in a cool dark location and away from other chemicals ( especially oxidizers ). 6.) Replace reagents and test strips every year. For more pool maintenance tips, please subscribe to our blog or find us on Facebook.The Pool Man Inc., is a Houston Pool Builder serving the Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia and Houston areas since 1981. We are a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited member, receiving the BBB Awards for Excellence for 2012 – a Pinnacle Winner.