Pool Service Tip from your Houston Pool Service Provider

Is your pool pump running dry or hard to prime? With the warmer weather already here, we are experiencing many pool service calls due to pool pumps running dry. Dry running pool pumps cause heat which in turn damages equipment and pipes. Here are a few quick checks you can make to ensure your pool pump is running properly. 1.      Check to make sure your pool filter is clean – poor flow can cause many problems with your pool equipment. 2.      Make sure the water level in your pool is at least half way up the skimmer throat. Low water level will cause the pool pump to draw air. Warmer weather increases evaporation and the swimmer load increases with the kids off of school (more splash out). 3.      Double check that all pool valves are in the proper position. 4.      The pool pump lid must be on tight – check the lid o-ring to make sure it isn’t twisted or pinched. 5.      Check all of the suction plumbing for any leaks. Don’t let a small problem turn into a bigger one. Call The Pool Man’s, Houston Pool Service Department if you need some help. For more Pool Service Tips, subscribe to our blog posts or find us on facebook.