Pool Maintenance Tip – Swimming Pool Water Testing – from your Houston Pool Builder & Service provider, The Pool Man Inc

Pool chemistry is affected by many different factors including bathers, chemical additions and environmental influences. These conditions can change constantly so testing your pool water is vital to ensure proper water balance and sanitizer levels. Here are some testing tips to help you:

  • · Obtain an appropriate water sample. The water sample should be taken in a clean, plastic container approximately 18 inches below the water’s surface.
  • · The sample should be taken from an area away from the skimmers and returns and should be taken from the same location every time. In larger pools (surface area greater than 1000 sq.ft.) multiple samples should be taken from different areas of the pool.
  • · When using test strips, never dip the strip directly into the pool. Dip the strip into the sample captured from the pool and always obtain a fresh sample for each strip.

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