Pool Maintenance Tip from your Houston Pool Service Company

Pool Maintenance Tip #2 in our Pool Algae Series – Phosphates and Algae Growth It has been suggested the an effective way to eliminate algae is to remove the phosphates from the water. The belief is that this action takes away a food source and thus reduces algae by starvation. Phosphorous is the base element phosphates are derived from and it is not a “new” addition to pool water, though some marketing efforts want you to think the presence of phosphates is a new phenomenon. Phosphates make their way into your pool water through fertilizers, swimmer waste (sweat and urine), detergents and even in your tap water and is a significant nutrient source for all living things, including algae.  Even if all the phosphates were removed from the water, algae still has the capability to store phosphorous within their cells and thrive in a phosphorous-free environment. Recent studies performed have shown that an algae-free pool can be easily maintained even in the presence of high phosphates.  These pools simply maintained the proper sanitizer levels (1-3 parts per million), were run through proper and timely filtration and were treated with routine additions of a preventative algaecide. For Pool Maintenance Tip #3 in our Algae Series,  keep posted to our blog.  In Tip #3, we will begin discussing types of algae and how to beat the “Algae Beast”. To schedule an appt with your Houston Pool Service Company, contact The Pool Man, Inc.