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Get the Lowest Maintenance, Self-Cleaning Pool Available in Houston Texas

Your Pool Will Always Be Swim-Ready

The main reason to own a pool is to enjoy the refreshing, clean water. Thanks to the experts at The Pool Man and the world-class Paramount products. We build the lowest maintenance pools in the greater Houston area, and have been doing so for more than 40 years. All our pools come with a 99% cleanliness guarantee. In building the lowest maintenance pools, we use Paramount’s automatic in-floor cleaning system with UltraClear and Debris Canisters. These will help keep your pool always swim-ready.

Minimize Maintenance Time with In-Floor Cleaning System

Paramount’s automatic in-floor pool cleaning system works automatically to minimize maintenance time and maximize your enjoyment! With a Paramount In-floor cleaning and circulation system your pool will always be “swim-ready”. Since their patented pop-up cleaning nozzles are nearly invisible, you’ll avoid unsightly robotic cleaning devices and hoses in the pool as well as avoiding the hassle of moving these bulky devices in and out of the water every time you want to swim. Enjoy the clean, beautiful look of your pool and put your precious free time to better use – like family fun!

UV and Ozone – for the Cleanest and Healthiest Water Possible

UltraClear is Paramount’s powerful combination of ClearO3 Ozone Oxidizer and ULTRA UV2 Ultraviolet Water Sanitizer makes your pool cleaner, healthier and sparkling clear – while dramatically reducing the amount of chlorine needed, saving you time and money year after year.

Installing the ULTRA UV2 “downstream” from the ClearO3, increases the formation of a powerful oxidizer to keep your pool clean, clear and healthy.

Learn More About UltraClear:

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Keep Your Pool Cleaner Longer with Our Patented Debris Canisters

Our Patented Debris Containment Canisters sets the standard for convenience and efficiency to remove large debris from your swimming pool. The poolside location or equipment side location, allows for easy access to empty debris from the large capacity basket. It will help reduce cleaning time and enhance the overall aesthetics of your pool design.

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